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Pricing information for 07/14/2024

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No matter where you go, you want to go in style and comfort. That’s exactly what Nissan’s cars are built to deliver. Whether you’re cruising on summer vacation in your Maxima, or enjoying all the tech that comes with your all-electric LEAF, there’s a Nissan car that’s a perfect match for your automotive wish-list.

Sports Cars

There’s nothing like the feel of pure performance behind the wheel of a sports car. They’re sleek, they’re fast, and they’re built with the thrill of the drive first and foremost. Nissan offers some top-of-the-line sports cars for those with the need for speed – and top-tier performance.

Altima. Does an all-wheel-drive midsize sedan with one of the best engines and a myriad of safety awards sound like the car you’d like to drive? Take a spin in the Nissan Altima for the ultimate ride in a car that’s second to none.

LEAF. Tomorrow’s car is waiting for you at Dream Nissan. LEAF is fully connected, all electric, and a flexible hatchback format that’s ready to take on the world. With an EPA estimated range of 226 miles and fast charging options, you can go further than ever on clean energy.

Maxima. You asked for it, and Nissan delivered. Welcome to your very own four-door sports car, complete with 300 horsepower and a sleek, streamlined look inside and out. Drive Mode Selector gives you the best of both worlds, turning your fierce ride into a mild-mannered family-friendly car with the flick of a switch.

Sentra. Full size space, but compact fuel economy is the name of the game with Sentra. With up to 39 miles per gallon highway and loaded with safety features, Nissan Sentra is the full-size car you’ll be taking on long road trips (and the short ones to the office every day).

Versa. Five seats and up to 15 cubic feet of cargo space make this zippy little sedan feel like a much bigger ride. It’s connected, comes complete with Safety Shield 360, and the winner of the Consumer Guide Automotive Best Buy Award – what more could you ask for in a car that starts at under $15,000?

GT-R. Nissan’s flagship supercar, the GT-R delivers 600 horsepower and 481 foot-pounds of torque in a sleek package. A dual-clutch system, all-wheel drive, and sleek styling combine to create a vehicle that leaves all other sports cars in its dust.

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